26 Love Facts and Hacks that will change your dating and relationship outlook!

You may think you know everything there is to know about love, but these facts about love may surprise you. Absorb the knowledge and exceed your dating expectations.

From the moment you find someone you like, things change. Not only will you experience new emotions, but your behavior may change a bit as well. Learning the facts about love and dating can help you understand that you are not going to go wild.

Our brains release chemicals that affect our emotions, many of which are beyond our control.

These facts tell us how you feel and behave when you have a liking for someone.

They say love is blind, but are we really blind? And have you ever wondered what causes that fluttering feeling in your stomach when you are in love? Understanding this phenomenon can give us insight into love without taking away from the charm and joy of romance.

Here are some basic elements of romance and love facts that can help demystify love.

elements of romance that can help demystify love picture

Understanding some of the basics of dating will not simplify why you are ignored by someone you care about or why two people are in an exclusive relationship. But these basics can help you recognize the emotional state of affairs.

It is fascinating to learn.

1. Love consists of three stages.

The first stage is “desire,” a powerful emotion often mistaken for love. Next, we feel attracted to the person and want to know more about him or her.

Finally, an attachment is formed and one falls deeply in love. This attachment may not last for everyone, but it does not diminish the value or preciousness of love.

2. Lust is actually a deep desire to have children, whether conscious or not.

It is driven by the desire to have sexual intercourse and to reproduce. However, it is an outdated instinct.

It is an old instinct that dates back to cave people, when having children was essential to human survival. There is no need to be overly concerned about this fact of love.

3. Attraction and obsession are similar.

You may think that using the word “obsession” is too extreme because it is often associated with negative behavior and stalking.

When you are very interested in someone, your brain displays a pattern comparable to that observed in obsessive-compulsive situations.

4  In addition, being attracted to someone may decrease your appetite.

During the attraction phase, the brain releases norepinephrine and dopamine, which suppresses appetite.

Falling in love can make you lose your appetite.
When we fall in love, we may feel unable to eat or sleep and become preoccupied with the other person. The inability to eat is actually true. Think of it as a fact of dating to understand what is really going on.

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5. love facts. Chocolate and love have something in common.

Have you ever eaten a bar of chocolate and it wasn’t enough? So you end up eating the whole bar. There is a reason for that.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a hormone secreted by the brain during love. This explains the connection between love and chocolate.

Did you know that falling in love gives you the same euphoric feeling as cocaine? Avoid drugs and embrace love to experience the same euphoria.
We warned you that these dating facts may shock you.

6. Say NO to drugs – falling in love can give you the same uplifting feeling.

Recent studies have shown that the brain chemicals in people who ingest cocaine are similar to those felt by those who fall in love.

Falling in love can be an exhilarating feeling picture

7. It is the brain, not the heart, that falls in love.

We often associate love with the heart, but love is not primarily controlled by the heart. While the heart is certainly involved, the brain secretes hormones and controls most of your thoughts and actions. The role of the heart is primarily a marketing tactic. The shape of the heart is more aesthetically pleasing in packaging than the shape of the brain.

8. Falling in love makes you do strange things.

People often tease that people in love are a little reckless, but there is scientific evidence to support this. When we are in love, we may act out of the ordinary and abandon better judgment.

We become irrational and obsessed with satisfying our desires.

9. After spending time together, your heart may beat in sync with your partner.

Therefore, when dealing with a headache, it might be cute to cuddle instead of taking painkillers.

This is similar to how menstrual cycles synchronize between close friends.

10. Hug your loved one to ease the pain.

Oxytocin, an affection hormone, helps ease pain and strengthen bonds.

Hugging each other releases oxytocin, which should ease the pain.

11. love facts. Heartbreak is a genuine symptom.

When a romantic relationship ends in the way it was supposed to, we may experience a broken heart.

Although the heart is not physically broken, it can cause pain in the chest area and even damage the hea.
This condition is called Broken Heart Syndrome.
In this condition, the body secretes hormones in a confused manner, causing more harm than help. This can result in chest pain and difficulty breathing.

12. A relationship will not complete you.

Furthermore, it is a common misconception that finding “the one” completes you. Many people believe that meeting their soul mate will make them whole, but it does not. Let’s face it: you are already complete just the way you are.

Your encounters with someone else enrich your life, not define it. With this mindset, you will increase your chances of finding a genuine partner and avoid false promises based on unrealistic expectations.

13. Remember that not all relationships are meant to last.

In movies and television, couples often break up before they have a dramatic reunion.

However, it is important to understand that not all relationships last, no matter how inseparable the couple may seem.

The truth is, no one can predict what tomorrow will bring. As scary as that may be, it can also be exciting. Embracing the present and enjoying it, that is what makes it extraordinary.

Not all relationships are meant to last picture

14. love facts. Trust is key in any relationship.

We often hear that love and passion are essential, but without trust, you simply cannot thrive. This is one of the most important relationship facts.

If you lack trust in your partner, you will only be unhappy together.
Work on anything that needs improvement, trust your instincts, but avoid baseless accusations. Building trust takes time.

15. love facts. Communication is critical for lasting success.

Couples who fail to communicate are doomed to failure. Furthermore, they cannot solve the problems they have.

These problems worsen and become festering wounds. Although distasteful, this analogy is accurate. Listen to this relationship fact if you want your union to work.

16. Love is not like a movie.

Don’t expect the kind of love you see on TV. Love as seen on TV is often exaggerated and does not depict the true ups and downs of love. Keep this in mind and keep your expectations realistic.

Love is not glamorous. It is real life. This means that you will love each other no matter what, even when you are at your worst.

17. Love facts. Also, you will probably have sex less often, but that is perfectly fine.

If you think you will be having sex all the time until you die, you are mistaken. As you get to know each other better, you will have sex less often.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. You will find that the initial phase of being out of each other’s hands will be replaced by something else more.

When you get to know each other better picture

18. Love is not to be rushed.

We understand why you might want to skip the unclear “we are/are not” stage and jump into a relationship.

However, impatience can destroy a partnership. Let things proceed naturally and take your time. Whenever possible, go with the tide.

It is vital to know that rushing into a relationship can ruin a potentially great connection.

19. love facts. Do not bring emotional baggage.

We all carry some baggage, even if we don’t admit it. Don’t bring old relationship issues into a new relationship.
What happened before is not the new partner’s fault. The pattern of your ex will not necessarily repeat itself.

20. love facts. People may not be who you think they are.

Unfortunately, some people in the world are not honest and may not be the same person they show you when you let your guard down.

When you first meet someone, they’re undoubtedly on their best behavior, as are you.. However, if that facade disappears, you may not like them very much after all. Consider it a close call.

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21 Love fact. Marriage is not always the goal.

Not everyone wants to get married, and not everyone needs to get married. Don’t assume that if you don’t get married, your relationship is not real. What you feel and want and what your partner feels and wants is what matters.

Meet in the middle and figure out what makes you perfect as a couple, not what society says you “should” do. That’s one of the greatest truths about relationships.

22. You are still attracted to other people.

Just because you love each other and are part of a couple does not mean you will never feel attraction to another person again. But there is a difference between feeling an immediate attraction and acting on it. That is a line that should not be crossed.

Of course, your partner will be attracted to someone else at some point. Accept that as part of life. But you should not act on it.

23. There is no need to end up in a fight.

Couples fight. It’s a real fact of love. They argue, say things they don’t mean, and then make up again. That is normal and in some ways healthy. Remember, arguing doesn’t mean anything serious or that you don’t love each other.

But if you are always arguing about the same things, then you need to figure out the core issue.
This does not mean that one person hates their partner while another is infatuated with their mate. It means that you should not expect your partner to be 100% every day.

Some days are more difficult than others and you need to be there for your partner just as they are there for you. Communication will bring you back into balance.

24 fun fact about love. Appearance and personality.

We all experience this fact of dating. Men are easily attracted to a woman’s appearance and women are easily attracted to a man’s behavior. 

In other words, love at first sight only exists for men! (Read 20 interesting facts about love)

25 love fact. Patience makes a relationship last longer.

Cheating and intensely passionate affairs are great, but they are not good for long-term relationships. If you two are intensely passionate and end up having sex anywhere at the beginning of a new relationship, you should understand that the foundation of your relationship is sex, not love.

26. love facts. Physical intimacy and closeness increase the likelihood of falling in love.

Friends fall in love all the time, and so do co-workers. Physical contact has an aphrodisiac effect. Touchy-feely flirting may actually be the best way to make someone fall in love.

Remember this the next time you are flirting with someone. Instead of talking on the phone, try spending more time talking in person. They may fall in love with you.

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